SWBC Acquires Brumley Professional Employer Services

SAN ANTONIO, TX (December 20, 2010) – SWBC is pleased to announce that it has purchased Brumley Professional Employer Services, one of Texas’ premier Professional Employer Organizations (PEO). The PEO serves as a full-time, off-site human resource department, specializing in the management of administrative and human resource functions for businesses.
A new division of SWBC, SWBC Professional Employer Services will offer human resource management, payroll services, employee benefits, workers’ compensation and risk management, and a 401(k) plan to businesses throughout the state of Texas. The acquisition of Brumley PEO will allow SWBC to better meet the needs of its current customers and to expand the depth of products it offers to business owners.
“Because of the recent Health Care Reform, we were looking for ways to expand what we do and how we serve our benefits clients,” said Gary Dudley, SWBC President. “We were fortunate to find Brumley PEO, a company that aligns perfectly with our culture and our business model.”
“Having been in the PEO business since 1988, my wife, Margaret, and I felt it was time to retire, but we wanted to make sure we left the company in the right hands,” said Wallace Brumley, Founder of Brumley Professional Employer Services. “SWBC was a logical choice for us because of their diverse product offerings for business owners and their excellent reputation in the San Antonio area.”
Dr. Cathy Starnes, CEO of SWBC Employee Benefits Consulting, adds, “The purchase of Brumley positions us to help our clients, regardless of what happens with the Health Care Reform. We are proud to partner with such a well-known and respected company, and we look forward to growing and expanding our presence in the PEO market.”
Hiring a PEO allows business owners to concentrate on and grow their core business, while letting a team of employment specialists handle the labor intensive and heavily regulated HR-related functions.

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