Protect yourself against a data security breach with cyber liability

Announcing DOK-IT ONLINE™: A New Service for SWBC Customers
No one knows when disaster may strike, but everyone knows the importance of maintaining adequate insurance protection. Collectively with insurance coverage is the need for documenting your assets. If you're inclined to delay completing your inventory list because it's a long, tedious process, don't wait any longer. Now there's a simpler, easier way to set up an asset inventory management system, right from the convenience of your own computer.

With DOK-IT ONLINE you can easily inventory anything you value, even if you have multiple locations, and securely store that information online - giving yourself peace of mind should the unexpected happen.

DOK-IT ONLINE is completely web-based so in the event of a loss you can access your account online, print reports and automatically send information for your claim from anywhere in the world. This reduces or eliminates the need for CD back-up, memory sticks, or hard copy files.

Your information is safe, as the system is secure and encrypted. It is ideal for homes, businesses, schools, and non-profits.

Now Get a 15% Discount on DOK-IT ONLINE from SWBC

When you sign up with DOK-IT ONLINE you'll automatically get a 15% discount off the already reasonable annual price. There are three pricing tiers to choose from, starting as low as $39.95 a year. Simply select the level of inventory plan you need, select your payment choice through PayPal, and the 15% discount will automatically be applied to the final price.