Enhancing cross-selling opportunities with Innovation through Integration

SWBC’s Unity application provides sales and service teams with a single technology platform that simplifies the loan and insurance presentation to enhance cross-selling opportunities. It allows the loan officer to easily present loan options and sell WALKAWAY, GAP, MMP, Credit Life/Disability, Debt Cancellation, and Roadside Assistance—through one Internet application without the need to toggle between screens or enter data in multiple locations.

This software works with your loan origination system and allows you to present a combined payment to your prospect that includes the loan payment and the cost of the associated insurance product. Other support features include:

  • Presentation functionality—allows you to visually show your borrowers their exposure.
  • Automated product recommendations—takes the guesswork out of which products to offer prospects based upon loan characteristics entered.
  • Quick Internet reference points—helps you overcome objections and answer questions.

Integrating Unity in your loan origination process can help increase participation in your insurance and point-of-sale programs, thereby reducing loan loss exposure and increasing fee income.