Collateral and mortgage tracking system that satisfies the demanding needs of loan portfolio management and customer service

COTRAK is an advanced collateral and mortgage tracking system developed by SWBC that powers our CPI and lender-placed insurance programs.

With features such as client communications and lender-placed coverage options, along with customized billing transactions and an automated insurance verification process that interfaces with major carriers, COTRAK can be completely tailored to your program requirements.

The Cotrak Suite of Systems and Services include:

This proprietary model uses several key factors to predict, with an 85–90% confidence rate, if a borrower will or will not proactively resolve an insurance exposure identified through the tracking process. Using this data, we are able to handle the highest risk exposures, or those that most likely do not actually have insurance, separately from those that most likely do.

  • Reduces false placements and complaints over insurance verification letter activity.
  • Reduces the time from impairment to resolution by as much as 30%. The overall reduction in false placement also reduces refund activity by up to 45%.
  • Eliminates discriminatory interpretation of the Note and Security Agreement
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