Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery and business continuity planning exist as “living models” at SWBC, continually changing and adapting to support business objectives and to provide high-availability access to computing and telecommunications services. Planning efforts and the implementation of strategic solutions are driven by the growing dependence upon information technology. Our commitment is straightforward. People, processes, and technology are combined to provide continuous support during a significant interruption to normal operations.
  • Contingency Teams Working from Multiple Locations
  • "Hot Site" Facility is Among Multiple Locations Supporting Business Operations
  • Redundant Data Communications Paths Provided by Multiple Carriers
  • High-Availability Network and Internet Infrastructure
  • Redundant IBM "Core Business" Systems
  • Redundant Mission Critical Systems Running in a Windows Environment
  • Redundant Telecommunication Systems with Failover Capabilities
  • Generator Backup Power Sources
  • Computer & Telephony Inventories Maintained in Support of Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Preparedness