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Take command of your lending portfolios with AutoPilot

Effectively managing a consumer loan portfolio is critical and complicated, since it involves a multitude of people handling a multitude of functions, ranging from payment collection, insurance tracking, CPI, claims, recovery, and remarketing. With that many different elements, what often results is an inefficient process, using multiple technologies and service providers—none of which communicate well with each other.

That’s why SWBC designed AutoPilot, a suite of risk and account management services easily accessed through a unified dashboard. You choose the services you need for optimal management of your portfolio, and we bring it all together. AutoPilot provides one location where you can order services, monitor status, view all notes and comments, or run reports—at the loan level or for your entire portfolio.

The AutoPilot suite of products and services includes:

  • State-of-the-art, accurate insurance tracking that reduces borrower frustration
  • Collateral and Mortgage Protection Insurance plans from reputable carriers
  • Exclusive payment reminders to your past due borrowers that are proven to reduce delinquencies and charge offs without adding resources
  • Payment processing using proprietary technology to more easily accept late payments over the phone and the web
  • Collection services to help clear delinquent balances
  • A network of asset recovery, legal, skip, and disposal services that allow you to quickly locate, repossess, consign, track, recondition, and remarket secured collateral

With all activity documented in one location, communication and efforts between different departments is maximized. Plus, the flexible design allows you to easily establish workflows, and the seamless functionality brings a new level of efficiency to the process—all of which can lead to reduced losses and faster claims resolution.

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