Mortgage Impairment Coverage

Blanket Mortgage Hazard Insurance with additional protection for mortgage servicers

Mortgage loan servicers can ensure all the benefits of Blanket Mortgage Hazard Insurance, as well as protect themselves against liability claims due to other servicing errors with Blanket Mortgage Impairment Insurance.

Blanket Mortgage Impairment Insurance covers all residential, commercial, second mortgage and home equity loans in your portfolio and eliminates the need to track or force place required insurance.

In addition to protecting the portfolio against uninsured or underinsured physical damage, Blanket Mortgage Impairment Insurance is designed to protect the servicer in the event an error is made which affects the investment quality status of the loan. Blanket Mortgage Impairment policies include optional coverage against certain errors and omissions by the servicer, including failure to pay real estate taxes, ensuring required insurance coverage, or custodial, title or recordation errors. If such an error occurred, a Blanket Mortgage Impairment policy would pay any claims and defend you within established policy limits.

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