Payment Services

Control delinquencies and increase cash flow with Payment Services from SWBC

If collections are becoming a larger part of your day-to-day operations, you may not have the resources to keep up with the demand. SWBC can help.

Our Payment Services Program provides professional, private-labeled reminder calls and mail to your past-due accounts before they ever fall into “true” collections status. Our world-class service ensures a strong, consistent approach imperative for timely receipt of loan payments without a need for you to increase staffing.

  • Our courteous, expertly trained staff makes outbound calls after hours and on weekends to greatly increase the chances of actually speaking with the borrower.
  • We use our proprietary pay by phone and web functionality to improve collection efforts, making the process simple and cost efficient, as well as convenient for your members.
  • We obtain and document promises to pay, and if necessary, initiate third-party collection efforts.

The majority of clients who have implemented our Payment Services program for their real estate, consumer lending, and credit card portfolios have experienced:

  • Fewer past due accounts and improved delinquencies
  • Increased cash flow, decreased charge-offs and company losses