Card Solutions

Cost-effective card services to help financial institutions generate income and build their brand

If you’re looking for card solutions to increase profitability, improve the value of your organization, and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace, let SWBC work with you to develop the ideal program to help your institution reach its goals.

Payroll Cards
With zero cost to implement and maintain, reloadable Stored Value Payroll Cards will help increase your commercial clients’ cash flow and operational efficiencies while decreasing their overhead expenses. Payroll cards act similarly to a bank account and allow employees immediate access to their earnings without paying hefty check-cashing fees, carrying around large amounts of cash, or having their paper checks stolen or lost. Additionally, Payroll Cards:

  • Carry the Visa® logo and are accepted anywhere ATM/check cards are allowed
  • Are easy to use and maintain
  • Contribute to revenue generation for your financial institution
  • Are part of the No-Liability Agent Program

Gift Cards
Gift Cards give your customers a more convenient way to give a gift the recipient can use anywhere Visa® or MasterCard® is accepted. Your customers can eliminate the hassles associated with paper gift certificates and offer a solution that functions like a credit card. Benefits include:

  • Compliant with CARD Act 2009 legislation
  • Fast, low-risk way to enter the pre-paid market
  • Ideal introductory product for non-customers
  • Easy, fast setup in as little as 21 days

Reloadable Stored-Value Cards
These pre-paid spending cards have the functionality of a debit or credit card. Offering them to your individual and commercial accounts can strengthen your product portfolio and increase your revenue as you receive daily transaction fees and a percentage of the interchange fees. The cards are fully reloadable, and funds can be added to the card balance at any time to manage or share the account with designated recipients. There are a variety of Stored Value Cards available, including Travel Cards and Youth Cards. In addition, Stored Value Cards:

  • Offer a flexible pricing structure
  • Are an alternative “account” for those who don’t qualify for a traditional direct deposit account
  • Provide a great check cashing alternative
  • Serve customers who need real-time, low-cost money transfers