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At SWBC, we listen to our credit union partners and develop turnkey programs that help them to become more effective in meeting their strategic goals for risk management, increased income, and product penetration. We believe our consultative approach and strategic combination of people, technology, training, and marketing enables our partners to achieve the highest levels of success.

Innovative programs that combine products with plug-and-play technology like AutoPilot™, Payment Services, and Electronic Cash Management demonstrate our commitment to continuous product development. Further, our core products, including GAP, MMP, and Credit Life Insurance, are deployed with proprietary quoting tools to increase acceptance among your members.

Our solid relationships with carriers and other service providers nationwide, combined with our size and financial strength, allow us to offer a wider range of solutions than any single carrier can provide. SWBC negotiates with these providers, on your behalf, to create the best product fit possible by leveraging pricing and coverage options. The fact that the majority of products are administered directly by SWBC ensures you have a single point of contact for streamlined, efficient operations.

Featured Products

Collection Services

SWBC has assembled a superior suite of technology, resources, and collection services to help our clients reduce costs and improve collection rates. Our comprehensive collections program features FDCPA-certified representatives, customized call and letter campaigns, multiple resolution channels, and much more. Partner with SWBC for courteous, professional collection services.

Electronic Cash Management

Make payments easier for your borrowers with our plug-in technology that lets you accept loan or credit card payments via phone, web, or remotely with cash. Robust features ensure NACHA and PCI compliance, less errors, and simplified reconciliations for single or recurring transactions.

Partners and Providers

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