Employee Benefits


We focus on protecting one of your most important assets.

Using their skills, creativity, and knowledge, your employees are a vital part of the success of your company. It is no secret that happy associates work harder, make fewer mistakes, and rarely miss work. Treat them right, and you will reap tremendous benefits. Smart companies listen to what their people need. Still, it is difficult for owners to balance what is best for their business and their people.

SWBC finds carriers and providers that offer flexible plan designs, cost-control strategies, reduced administrative costs, technological strength, and online enrollment. Plus, we work with carriers that can provide ongoing reviews of your coverages, allowing us to ensure you have the right protection and policies in place.

Our first step to giving you the best coverage is by getting to know your needs. Together, we will identify trends within your employee population and see where more or less coverage is necessary. We will look at proactive and preventive measures that will give us a clear picture about the medical, pharmacy, and ancillary coverage you will need. By working collaboratively with insurance carriers, we secure the custom benefits package that is just right for your employees and your bottom line.