An automated method of identifying claims reimbursement shortfalls

Did you know that research shows an average error rate of 8%-15% in the handling of your reimbursements from commercial contract Payors? Since it often goes unnoticed by the practice, it could mean that your practice is experiencing a revenue shortfall.

To assist in identifying potentially “recoverable” funds that were properly due to the medical provider, SWBC offers the CIRCA™ Process*. The CIRCA, Claims Intensive Revenue Cycle Analysis, Process provides access to forensic data mining services and consultants to find revenue that may be due to medical providers through the Texas Prompt Pay regulation.

There is no up-front cost for the assessment, and if a revenue shortfall is identified, the medical provider is presented with strategies and recommendations for recovery.

Contact SWBC or call 1-866-252-1920 to help you identify potential revenue shortfalls.